Who we are?

We are a small group of Christians from Pentecostal background who cares about the explanation and defense of Christian worldview as understood from within the classical Pentecostal tradition. Even though our members are residing in different parts of the world we are all culturally Malayalees.

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Our History

This group was founded in 2015 with an aim to foster the knowledge of Christian Apologetics among Pentecostals. We began at the time when a doctrinal controversy surrounding soteriology was at its peak among Malayalee Pentecostals. Our first program was aimed at addressing that issue and since then we have covered various similar topics in our programs.

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What we do?

We primarily focuses on conducting various Bible study programs like debates, conferences and seminars to educate ourselves and Christian community on various theological subjects. In addition to that we have a weekly online discussion program called Pneuma Live. In future we hope to expand our field of activities into apologetics and socio-cultural issues too.

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How Can you Join?

We always welcome your participation in our various programs. You can also join our WhatsApp members forum clicking on this link. If you are interested in in-depth Bible study you can join our Faithlife group found here. Alternatively you can also use the forum here to discuss various topics under the purview of this group.

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“Interpretation is the key to all meanings, let it be the meaning of life or a text or a simple action, and the hermeneutics is the art of interpretation. Being the architect of reality, the ultimate interpreter of anything is God himself, and we can grasp that only when our finite ways of looking at things are directed by his Pneuma.”

— Hermenuetics, Pneuma and Meaning

Why we need such a ministry?

  • To educate the believers on Biblical doctrines.
  • To present a positive case for Christianity in-front of unbelievers.
  • To strive for doctrinal unity without compromising scriptural integrity.
  • To be a mouthpiece of Christian views in society.
  • Respond to false doctrines and deviant teachings.
  • Defend christian faith against external attacks.
  • To prophetically engage with socio-cultural issues.
  • To seek and present the views of ministers and believers on various issues.

Our People